What are GHR -Human Growth Hormone Releasers and Enhancers?

Various ways and approaches are available to increase the production of HGH hormones again. Some foods may also be used to stimulate Growth hormone receptors (GHR) so that GHR, in its turn, transmits a signal to pituitary glands to release HGH hormones.

Growth Hormone Releaser -GHR

Growth Hormone Releaser -GHR

One way is to take help from injections. Injections contain the HGH hormones and are injected into the blood stream so that to increase their number and, thus, to get their positive effects on the body. The second approach is that of eating HGH diet supplements.

The supplements contain such substances that are beneficial in stimulating the human pituitary glands to start the production of HGH hormones again. The third approach is that of homeopathy. The homeopathic approach has also the same advantages as those of the HGH diet supplements. You may adopt any path but the object should be the same of getting more muscle, more strength, less fat, relief from arthritis, and so on.

The researches have been in progress as to know whether the human growth hormone production can be increased or not and it has been noted that there are some amino acids and supplements that act as secretagogue. This secretagogue once entered in the blood stream stimulates the pituitary glands to produce as much HGH as is needed by the human body. In this way, the body will get HGH hormones just according to its needs; neither more nor less. (Situation is not the same when we inject the hormones into our bodies as we have to make a guess work while determining the exact quantity of the hormones required by the body).

Various doctors and researchers have been working on these approaches and are trying to find out the right way of producing the HGH hormones and IGF-1.



Further, per month cost of injections is $1,000-$3,000 while that of supplements is only $50-$150. So, there is huge price difference. Human Growth hormone supplements, therefore, seem to be viable for common man.

Another point of deliberation is that the injection therapy requires constant watching of a medical team of the subject (patient or user) while the use of supplements doesn’t require any such thing as here we are not injecting HGH hormones in the blood stream; we are only injecting a protein that will stimulate our pituitary glands to produce HGH through a natural process.

There are various food supplements that are being used by the interested people across the world but the user must surf the web before making a final decision about his choice of the food supplement. Complications may arise if you don’t give heed to your doctor’s advice; therefore, it’s better to take recourse to your common sense as well as the doctor’s recommendation before using any of such human growth hormone supplements.

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