HGH Supplement vs. Steroids

Human Growth Hormone supplements and steroids are the things that have been used by the body builders to gain mass around their bodies. HGH is naturally produced in the human bodies till the age of puberty in a normal way and then its production starts decreasing with the passage of time. After 30, it decreases rapidly and after the age of 70 its production almost stops. Steroids and testosterones are also produced in the body naturally and their production continues throughout one’s life span.

HGH Supplements and Steroids

HGH Supplements and Steroids

Human growth hormone bodybuilding supplements as well as the steroids are used for bulky mass: although their way of doing the things differ from one another. Growth Hormone Receptors (GHR) are also employed by the people for the body building purposes.

Human body needs are easily fulfilled by the natural production of the HGH and steroids but the people who want to gain more mass around their body muscles in short span of time and that, too, without any workouts should use these supplements. Generally people workout for less than 45 minutes as after it GH production comes to an end and the cortisol production starts.

Rest is best for health as well as for the muscle formation. 75% of HGH is normally produced in the human body during sleep.

HGH supplements have been used to build mass around the muscles in the form of the syntheses of protein while the steroids build mass in the form of fat around the muscles; so there is difference between the masses built by steroids and the ones by human growth hormones.



Both have their advantages as well as side effect. Steroids may be used to get a bulky body by accumulating fat around the muscles. The muscles get shape and one gets a well-toned body; the HGH hormones are used to accumulate protein cells around the muscles and the natural growth cycle is reversed in this case as you get more sexual power, strength, energy, and bigger bones.


The cost of HGH supplements or injections is more than another such bodybuilding pals. The normal price of authentic companies is in 100s of dollars while the normal price of the steroids is much lower. Normally, it suits the bodybuilders to use growth hormone body building technique if they can afford its high cost, otherwise, they may turn their attention towards steroids which are cheaper and may produce the ‘same’ results.


Both have their disadvantages also. Excessive use of both of these substances will always be dangerous for health although each of them has different disadvantages. HGH side effects may include heart problems and cancer while those of steroids may be obesity and sexual organ’s dysfunction.   Both of these things must be used with the advice of your family doctor.

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